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Blue Cruise


A blue cruise is a lovely escape from the drabness of daily life for a period. On the blue cruise,one sails along the southwestern Turkish coastline,into solitary bays, Crystal clear waters,pictoresque small villages and places of antiquity. On the blue cruise,one sails right into the heart of mythology as well as real history. Water sports have no limits here, and nature is still "natural". For the kind of blue cruise we offer,you don't necessarily have to have a licence for sailing.We are providing you traditional wooden yachts, which you can charter with crew.

offer traditional wooden yachts of various sizes with accommodation for 1 to 12 persons in separate cabins with double beds.As you will have rented the whole yacht for yourself regardless of the number of people who join the group,you will be charged on a daily rental basis.We will allow you to decide the route yourselves(in agreement with us). These tours are made on traditional wooden-boats,built in the region of Bodrum.They have an approx, length of 20-30 m, and WC's with shower in each cabin.Most of the cabins have double beds,often with upper banks for two seperate guests.
The Crew ;
Consist of a captain and two or three seamen.One of them is always a guide who knows your language, others will cook the meals and sail the boat.All of them will be responsible for making the cruise an unforgettible pleasure for our guests.
What should you take with you?
Don't forget that you will spend most of the time in your bathing suit.For land trips a pair of long and light trousers and a shirt or T-shirt is advisible.You will also need shoes that can stand stony paths.In the evening it may become cooler, so you may also need a pullover in May and October.Take your belongings in a bag rather than a suitcase, because it is easier to keep in the cabin. 
A Day of "Blue Cruise" ;
Everyday we cruise a few hours and if the wind is fair,than we also loose the sails to drop anchor in a solitary bay or near a small village.Than you have time for swimming, diving, fishing, snorkelling, windsurfing, making a trip on land or just taking a sun bath on deck.